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The first full Blue Guide treatment of all the Greek Aegean islands in a single volume. Greece the Aegean Islands are available for chapter by chapter download: Chios. Fourni with Thymaina. Ikaria. Oinousses. Samos. Lesbos. Lemnos.
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The guide then provides 4 itineraries: I covers Minoan Crete over a ten-day period; II focuses on Mycenean civilization in the Peloponnese over ten days; III focuses on Classical civilization in Athens and Attica over six days with a two-page spread of Athenian civics terms; IV covers Aegean Civilization on the Cyclades over seven days. What I like about this guide is that it provides a traveler with good itineraries to mix and match, gives driving tips for those more adventurous than me, and offers in-depth histories of each site along with a color map illustration.

It also has beautiful photos throughout. Various of my other readings recommend the Blue Guide as a go-to-source about Greece. My caveat is that this guide is directed toward true readers. This guide is very text heavy, with the only illustrations showing island maps or site maps. It is also the thickest and therefore heaviest of the guides.

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However, for the self-guided traveler, this guide offers the most detailed descriptions of sites, blending suggested starting points with historical detail. For Greece in particular the Blue Guides cover various regions with individual guides-from one overall Greece guide to the individual island groupings, so rather than providing a TOC, I recommend you peruse the options available to you and select the one that covers your destinations. This Aegean Guide does not cover Crete nor Athens, but includes my other destinations. Introductory sections include: Greece today, food and drink, history of Greece up to , the arts.

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In addition to beautiful photos National Geographic is famous for, the place descriptions have great mini-maps, interesting sidebars and lovely illustrations of those sites would have looked. It even provides a strategy for the larger museums if you only have an hour or two to spare.

It has various day-trip suggestions drives. The back includes recommendations on where to stay, eat and a language guide.

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This book is packed with archeological detail about the famous sites in Greece and has been referenced as further reading in the more recent guidebooks. Organized in chronological order, it shows the difficulty of the excavation process and the mystery behind uncovering the uses and layouts of buildings.

Blue Guide Greece the Aegean Islands

While much more information has been uncovered since , this book is really comprehensive and a great reference for the historical geek like me. It is a slow read because it is so packed with information, but well-written and laid out. Black and white photos with a lot of floor plans of sites. As an overall guide to Greece this book covers most of the major attractions, but I recommend supplementing it with more detailed guides on the islands you wish to visit.


This big book provides a wonderful introduction to ancient Greek art with a comprehensive history of Greece until 31 B. It covers all aspects of art: architecture, pottery, painting, mosaics etc. Edith Hamilton took great care to research the most original and least biased texts to combine the most common Greek and early Norse myths into an entertaining narrative. Our online ticket reservation system does not accept bookings on sailings departing in less than 5 days from today.

If you need to travel earlier, please contact us for offline reservations. When inquiring about a certain route, you will be selecting ports, not towns or the destination itself, and although in many occasions these coincide, often the ports have a different name than the city they serve or the island they are on. In Athens, for example, the port is called Piraeus. There is also service from three other ports, Rafina, Lavrion and Agios Konstantinos more information on Athens ports can be found here below.

Some islands are listed with their Greek names. The most prominent example is Santorini, which in the system is listed as Thira.

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